G'Day & welcome to our new web page for 
Amazing Glass Surface Protection for your
vehicle !

"The products we use are amazing, it is the best thing I have seen since Finnigan’s Bar:)"


Hi all, 

Welcome to our new website which is under way & work in progress.

I started a new business venture 18 months ago in Glass Surface Protection with EziCleen Australia.

The products we use are amazing, it is the best thing I have seen since Finnigan’s Bar.

I have been experimenting on car glass windows the last few months & the results are incredible & people are just loving it so far.

With cars, we would normally only machine, treat & protect the outside of a vehicle windscreen. After experimenting on the outside AND inside of all the car’s windows, mirrors & sunroofs the results are that good you would have to see it to believe it.

Before applying the treatment, we machine the glass surface using a Glass Rescue Paste & powder, which restores the glass to like new condition. Please note: It will not remove scratches or chips & we cannot treat Aftermarket Interior Tint.

We can restore & treat, new cars, old & stained glass on any vehicle glass and it will stay cleaner for longer as well as be 90% quicker & easier to clean. The glass becomes up to 10 x more resistant to damage from road debris. It reduces nighttime glare by up to 35% & makes driving much safer in rain, snow & other difficult conditions.

The product we use comes with a Lifetime Warranty when used on Pool Fences, Showers & many other glass surfaces.


There is no warranty offered on auto or marine glass but the fact it lasts a lifetime on many glass surfaces indoor & outdoor, is UV Resistant, does not peel or blister & makes glass near invisible, says a lot about how good this patented product is.

Driving is a lot safer, easier, more enjoyable & the worst job of cleaning windows is now one of the easiest.

If you would be interested in getting your car windows treated & would like to know more, please contact me & I will get back to asap.

A big thank you!